Nearly three decades ago, Freeport Fountains was established to fill an industry-wide gap by providing a qualified firm to construct and install architectural water features.  At the time, the term ‘fountain contractor’ was rarely, if ever, heard.  Most were assembled by a mish-mash of trades or swimming pool and irrigation installers - often with little long-term success.  Company founders George and Jon Vollet brought their strengths and experience with pumps and controls and piping system design and installation, and set out to construct fountains and water features with a focus on extraordinary craftsmanship and lasting reliability.

Our firm has since grown and expanded to include in-house design and professional engineering services.  We excel at creating traditional fountains as well as highly technical cutting-edge show effects and interactive water features.  Hands-on experience and knowledge gained through our installation and construction of HUNDREDS of water feature projects, has provided specialized insight.  As a result, Freeport is uniquely qualified to recognize - and avoid - the potential problem areas and difficulties inherent in some fountain and water feature designs. We incorporate only those elements that facilitate the most successful and cost efficient features.

We’re proud of our accomplishments but that doesn’t keep us from having a fresh eye on the future, delving into green technology and  embracing state of the art design solutions.

It’s Your Fountain Experience... rely on ours!